Tranter Heat Exchanger Plate
Tranter Heat Exchanger Plate
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  The plate heat exchanger is a heat transfer type heat exchanger. The hot and cold fluid transfers heat through the heat plate, and the fluid directly contacts the plate. The heat transfer mode is heat conduction and convection heat transfer. The key to improving the heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchangers is to increase the heat transfer coefficient and the logarithmic mean temperature difference.The surface heat transfer coefficient is related to the geometry of the sheet corrugations and the flow state of the medium.The waveform of the plate includes a herringbone shape, a straight shape, a spherical shape, and the like. After years of research and experiments, it is found that the shape of the corrugated section is the angular sinusoidal surface with the largest heat transfer coefficient, the pressure drop is small, and the stress distribution is uniform under pressure.However, the herringbone plate which is difficult to process has a high surface heat transfer coefficient, and the larger the angle of the corrugation, the higher the medium flow velocity in the flow channel between the plates, and the larger the surface heat transfer coefficient.

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