Plate Heat Exchanger Repair
Plate Heat Exchanger Repair
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Plate Heat Exchanger Repair

Heat transfer plate is a core part of plate heat exchanger.Heat exchange plate come standard in type 316 stainless steel(AISI316).This is a general purpose material suitable for most application.Alternate alloys such as titanium,SMO254, Nickel,Hastelloy C-200 C-276 may also be utilized where required.

Several plates are arranged on the support according to heat exchange requirements, and tighten the fixed pressure plate and the active pressure plate by the compression screw, then a fluid channel is formed between the adjacent plates. Heat transfer through the plate four corner holes and the channels on both sides of the gasket.The number of plates can be increased or decreased as needed.When the fluid flows in the channel formed by the combine plates, the flow direction is varied, forming a uniform mesh flow, which easily generates turbulence, thereby obtaining high heat transfer efficiency.Therefore, the structure of the plate is one of the key factors to ensure the heat exchange e efficient of the plate heat exchanger.

Plate heat exchanger plate structure are varies, the design ultimate goal is to strengthen the heat transfer effect of the plate, increase the rigidity of the plate , increase the pressure capacity of the plate heat exchanger. The best plate type design not only has a larger heat transfer area, a lower pressure drop, a higher heat transfer coefficient, but also should have good rigidity .so that a very thin plate is fixed on the pressure plate and the movable pressure plate which supports each other under the clamping force to resist the impact of unbalanced pressure in the channel. So, it is necessary to consider the reasonable distribution of supporting points and the arrangement of stiffeners in the plate type design.

According to its function, a piece of plate can be divided into five parts:the flow guiding part, the heat exchange part, the sealing part, the edge support, and the suspension positioning. the heat transfer part is the core of the plate structure. The structure of the heat transfer part mainly depends on the nature of the heat transfer medium, which is determined according to heat transfer theory and fluid mechanics design.

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