Plate Heat Exchanger Plates
Plate Heat Exchanger Plates
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  In the normal working condition, the plate heat exchanger needs to have a certain rigidity in addition to sufficient strength to control the deformation process of the plate, so that the thickness of the liquid layer in the channel of the heat exchange medium is uniform to ensure heat exchange efficiency.According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the increase or decrease of temperature causes expansion or contraction of the plates, but the expansion or contraction of the sheet is limited by the fixed pressing plate and the movable pressing plate.

  The stress is generated when the thermal expansion and contraction of the plate heat exchanger is not completely free, and the heat transfer plate is required to have sufficient rigidity and pressure resistance.In the structural design of the slabs, it is often necessary to arrange the support points and increase the ribs reasonably. The problem of the plate heat of the plate heat exchanger is not only important for the selection of the plate, but also for its structural design.

Plate Heat Exchanger plates