Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Material
Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Material
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  The core component of the plate heat exchanger is the heat transfer plate. The structural design of the heat transfer plate is directly related to the heat transfer performance, pressure bearing capacity and service life of the plate heat exchanger. The technical development of plate heat exchangers is mainly focused on the research of plate corrugated structure design. The engineer designed the various corrugated plates to design corrugated sheets with different uses, different heat transfer performance, pressure drop and pressure bearing capacity. Usually the thickness of the sheet is 0.4-0.8mm. The commonly used plate heat exchanger plate materials are AISI304, AISI316L, Titanium.

  The main parameters of the plate heat exchanger plate are the external dimensions, center distance, corner hole diameter, corrugation depth, and heat exchange area of the plate. The center distance and the diameter of the corner hole determine the outer dimensions of the plate. The corrugation depth determines the equivalent diameter and the cross-sectional area of the channel, and also affects the heat exchange area of the veneer.

plate heat exchanger plate material