Plate Heat Exchanger Parts
Plate Heat Exchanger Parts
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Plate Heat Exchanger Parts

  Plate heat exchanger is an efficient, energy-saving heat exchange equipment, which have many advantages such as high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, less consumables, various types and easy maintenance etc. The application field has been gradually expanded and has been widely used in machinery, electric power, and metallurgy. Chemicals, textiles, beverages, urban heating and other industries .

  According to the market research on plate heat exchangers, the plate type design by the China plate heat exchanger manufacturers is mainly based on longitudinal herringbone patterns.Herringbone corrugation is divided into horizontal chevron corrugation and vertical herringbone corrugation.The fluid can form a net-like flow when flowing in the channels formed by the above two types of plates, but the flow resistance and heat transfer coefficient are different from each other.When using transverse herringbone corrugated plates,the fluid flows smoothly through the channels between two plates, the flow resistance is small, and the pressure drop is very low, but the heat transfer coefficient is also lower than the vertical chevron-shaped corrugated plate. So, it is more suitable for low flow rate, high viscosity, high flow occasions.

  When using longitudinal herringbone corrugated plates( corrugation angle is 120°C),the turbulent flow is very easy to occur when the fluid is flowing through the channels between two  plates, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, so that an ideal heat exchange effect can be produced.The main disadvantage is that the pressure drop is large, then it is only suitable for the case where the pressure is not too large. Not suitable for applications with high viscosity and low flow resistance.

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