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  The plate heat exchanger plate is very important, it will directly determine the working efficiency of the equipment.Therefore, when selecting equipment, it is more important to look at the heat exchanger plate sheet. When choosing, it is also necessary to select the plate heat exchanger according to the material suitable for the industry, which will be beneficial to our use.

(1) Titanium: The plate heat exchanger uses unalloyed titanium, which naturally forms a passivation protective film.It has "self-healing" if it is corrosion resistance is better than stainless steel, and it is a typical material suitable for chlorine-containing media.

(2) Titanium-palladium alloy: The plate heat exchanger uses unalloyed titanium to which palladium is added.Then, the corrosion resistance of titanium in an acid medium is remarkably improved.

(3) Stainless steel: It has excellent resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion.The plate heat exchanger is suitable for a medium containing salt water or inorganic acid which cannot use 316.

The performance of the plate heat exchangers of different plates is different in all aspects, the price is also different because the plates are different.So when choosing, don't consider the price, think more about the quality of the equipment.

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