Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Alfa Laval M15MFM Ring Gasket Selection
Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Alfa Laval M15MFM Ring Gasket Selection
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Plate Gasket should be replaced periodically to maintain function and avoid unnecessary shutdowns.Plate cooler gasket is consist of field gasket,ring gasket and links.

There are many types of gasket structure.Its cross-section form consist of rectangle, trapezoidal, hexagonal, pentagonal and so on. There are two types of commonly-used forms: One is the upper part of the gasket cross section is pointed; the other is the upper part of which is flat. The former is through the size difference from tip to the middle which is increased the deformation degree of the heat exchanger gasket. Actually the structural design is still a flat seal and non-linear seal because the bottom of the plate seal groove is flat.This structure can offset some if the bottom plate seal groove plane have a defect.

The latter design is designed to reduce the compression amount of the gasket.Its compressed form is flat compression. The main drawback is that plate easily misplace and too large clamping force which is caused plate deformation in the process of plate assembly. Generally the compression ratio of the gasket and the original thickness is the design basis of the gasket. The compression ratio(The ratio of the gasket compression to its original thickness) is used as the basis for the gasket design. According to years of design experience and a large number of domestic and foreign plate heat exchanger seal structure analysis, We believe that the best compression ratio is from 20% to 25% .

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Alfa Laval M15MFM replacement

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