Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets
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  The heat exchanger sealing gasket is a component used in the heat exchanger. This component gives the heat exchanger a use effect and improves the aging resistance, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment.

  In theory, it is impossible to achieve complete contact between the sealing surfaces even with gaskets, so that there are no microscopic passages or gaps.Although these channels are extremely small, the molecular volume relative to the fluid medium is still large enough.It is not possible to completely prevent the fluid from being trapped at the edge of the sealed surface, and there will always be some fluid entering between the sealing contact faces, which creates complex hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes.It is generally believed that after the fluid enters the extremely fine and irregular gap between the sealing faces, resistance loss will occur during its flow to consume its energy, and a static boundary layer will be created on the walls of these gaps.As a result, the fine passages become narrower or even closed, so that the fluid entering the sealing surface cannot continue to flow, thereby achieving sealing.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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