Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Materials
Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Materials
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  Plate heat exchangers can handle materials ranging from ordinary industrial water to high viscosity liquids, food liquids and medical materials with high hygiene requirements.The plate heat exchanger has a long life because it has a gasket installed inside it.

  The role of the gasket is to prevent leakage of the sealed medium, and the form of leakage can be divided into interface leakage and osmosis leakage.The cause of interface leakage is usually caused by looseness of the pressing force between the sealing surfaces, aging of the sealing surface, deformation, corrosion, wear or burning, and mechanical vibration in the working state.The osmotic leakage is related to the type of material of the gasket, the manufacturing method, the nature of the sealed medium, and the working pressure and temperature.

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