Industrial Heat Exchanger Gaskets Suppliers M15 NBRP Gasket
Industrial Heat Exchanger Gaskets Suppliers M15 NBRP Gasket
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Gasketed plate heat exchanger is a core component of heat exchange technology in industrial equipment. The plate cooler gasket which is sealed between heating plates.Then PHE gasket is a consumable and an easy-to-aged part under natural conditions.The life time of heat gasket has an important effect on service life of flat plate heat exchanger.Heat exchanger gasket material should be replaced periodically to maintain function and avoid unnecessary shutdowns.

 WTSML have over 12 full developed available polymers are used for making PHE gaskets that with more than 300 different models.PHE gaskets single plate heat transfer area ranged from 0.01 to 2㎡.Special request polymer type and performance gasket can be produced to fit for practical environment and chemical application.

Usually channel plate gasket included   NBRB,NBRP,HNBR,EPDM,EPDM HT and FPM.

Equipment Type

Alfa Laval plate type heat exchanger


Alfa Laval M15 replacement

Gasket Type

Clip On



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