Gasket For Heat Exchanger
Gasket For Heat Exchanger
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   The structural characteristics of the plate type heat exchanger are that the length of the sealing side is long and the rigidity is relatively poor, which determines that the rated working pressure of the plate type heat exchanger is not too high, generally less than 2.5 MPa. A sharp change in pressure during use can easily cause leakage of the heat exchanger. If an abnormal impact load occurs during the process of production, such as water hammer, the instantaneous pressure peak caused by it is much larger than the normal working pressure, which may cause displacement or even release of the gasket to cause seal failure,a leak has occurred. A sharp change in temperature during process operation can result in an inconsistency between the expansion and elastic deformation of the gasket and the sealing force, resulting in seal failure. Different process media conditions can also cause seal failure. For example, the superheated steam of the same temperature will cause the gasket to fail in a short time, and the saturated steam of the same temperature can produce a water film on the surface of the gasket to protect the gasket and can be used for a long time.

PHE Gaskets For Heat Exchanger