Alfa Laval Wide-Gap-200S Heat Exchanger Gaskets
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Alfa Laval Wide-Gap-200S Heat Exchanger Gaskets

   The sealing gasket is mainly used for sealing. The material is selected according to the corrosive property and medium temperature. Commonly used synthetic rubbers such as ethylene-propylene rubber, neoprene rubber and nitrile rubber, and asbestos rubber, the shape of which depends on the structure of the plate. Glued the gaskets in the groove of the heat exchanger plate, generally the service life is 1-2 years. The main technical requirements of rubber gaskets include high temperature and low temperature, especially special high temperature resistant rubber should be used when the temperature is high, permanent deformation is small; non-toxic.

   The standard materials for plate and frame heat exchangers are EPDM and Nitrile rubber (NBR). EPDM is used normally for non-fatty/oily applications, and NBR for oil/fat applications.

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