Alfa Laval Plate To Plate Heat Exchanger T20PFG NBR HT
Alfa Laval Plate To Plate Heat Exchanger T20PFG NBR HT
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Effective heat exchange of plate heat exchangers is carried out not only in confined spaces between PHE plates, but also in many gaskets between plates. In practical use, the plate gasket is considered to be the most important and most demanding parts of the flat plate heat exchanger. Channel plate gasket not only seal the media to avoid leaking to outside world, but also prevent the mixed between two kind of heat exchange media.

Heat gasket materials for plate cooler consist of rubber, compressed asbestos fibers, expanded graphite, Coated ETFE protective rubber and specially treated TFE. Rubber is used more than 98% in the flat plate type heat exchanger. Rubber is a more complex polymer system which is composed of rubber polymer (raw rubber), curing agent, filler (for reinforcement), antioxidants, processing agents, thinner and other different components.

 Usually the rubber material of gaskets included NBRB, NBRP,EPDM,EPM,HNBR,FPM. We stock more than 50 models of food grade gasket in order to provide the fastest delivery times in the business.

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