Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Models
Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Models
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Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Models

   Plate heat exchanger is an efficient, energy-saving heat exchange equipment, which have many advantages such as high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, less consumables, various types and easy maintenance etc. The application field has been gradually expanded and has been widely used in machinery, electric power, and metallurgy. Chemicals, textiles, beverages, urban heating and other industries 

   The gasket is an important part of the plate & frame heat exchangers. The gasket is firstly attached to the plate sealing groove with adhesive When assembling, and the gasket is placed in the circumferential groove of the corner hole according to the need of fluid flow. Therefore, it can play a role in allowing or preventing the fluid into the channel between the plates and achieve the purpose of heat exchange. The material, structure and compression ratio of the gasket are directly related to the sealing effect of the chevron angle plate heat exchangerAt present,the commonly used gasket materials are synthetic rubber and asbestos rubber. Synthetic rubber commonly used are NBR, EPDM and fluoro rubber.The physical performance indexes of synthetic rubber gaskets are the permanent compression deformation and the elongation at break under working conditions. The hardness index of rubber gaskets should be determined according to the form of the sealing grooves and the compression amount

   According to their heat transfer medium flow,plate heat exchanger plates are divided into unilateral flow and diagonal flow type.Corresponding phe  seal gaskets can also be divided into unilateral flow and diagonal flow according to the medium flow form.

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