Alfa Laval Parts Catalog M3 Gasket For Heat Exchanger
Alfa Laval Parts Catalog M3 Gasket For Heat Exchanger
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Alfa Laval Parts Catalog M3 Gasket For Heat Exchanger

Usually we can find the gasket for heat exchanger is lost or not through the leakage of water plate heat exchanger cold operation and parking cooling process. But some plate pack heat exchanger has a re-adjustable function.It means that in the event of a small amount leakage,you can tighten the plate type cooler again to increase the stress between the PHE gaskets.Then you can effectively solve the leaking phenomenon in a short time

In the newly assembled plate type exchanger, you can use max plate pack size,and tighten the PHE again when appear the leaking.You can find the maximum and minimum plate pack size on the pressure drop plate heat exchanger nameplate.It should be noted that the plate pack size can not be less than the minimum combination size. PHE gasket must be changed when the plate exchanger is still leaking with minimum combination size.

The import effect reason of rubber gasket life time:chevron angle plate heat exchanger working way, the corrosivity of heating exchange fluid and plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning fluid, the maximum operating temperature, the maximum working pressure and excessive uneven pressure caused big elastic gasket stress and natural aging. The emergence of these will be timely maintenance and repair or replacement.

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