Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Parts
Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Parts
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High Quality PHE Gaskets 100% Compatible With The Rubber Gasket Manufactured By Alfa Laval

Heat Exchanger Gasket Material: EPDM,EPDM HT,NBR,NBRP,FPM,Viton G

Heat Exchanger Gasket Types: Clip On,Glue On

Flow Direction: Unilateral Flow and Diagonal Flow

Post Curing: PHE Gasket Must Be Cured Four Hours At 160℃

Hardness: NBR=73 IRHD,EPDM=80 IRHD

Density: NBR=1.21g/CM3,  EPDM=1.14g/CM3

Warranty: 1year

Packing: Caron Case or Standard Fumigated Wooden Case 

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Alfa Laval TL35B

Alfa Laval TL35S

Alfa Laval TL3B

A 578 578 60
B 2177 2177 668


Alfa Laval TL3P

Alfa Laval Wid Gap 200S

Alfa Laval Wide Gap 350S

A 60 353 578
B 668 1478 2177


Alfa Laval A15BW

Alfa Laval AM20W

Alfa Laval AX30BW

A 349 365 540
B 1317 1450 1836


Alfa Laval AV170

Alfa Laval M10BW

Alfa Laval M10BWREF

A 700 224 224
B 1681 718 718


Alfa Laval M6MW

Alfa Laval MK15BW

Alfa Laval T20BW

A 140 296 353
B 640 1050 1478


Alfa Laval T20MW

Alfa Laval M10MX

Alfa Laval M15E

A 353 223 297
B 1478 719 1294

ModelAlfa Laval P2

Alfa Laval P135

Alfa Laval P17

A 135 165 530
B 592 800 1865

ModelAlfa Laval P25

Alfa Laval P225

Alfa Laval P20