Alfa Laval EC500 Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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   Generally, the plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturing process consists of five process steps. First the mixing process of the compounded rubber, mixing various raw and auxiliary materials according to the formulation requirements;The second is the form the rubber material blank, the rubber material is made into a rubber strip through the extruding equipment;The third is the compression molding process. the unvulcanized strip is placed in the hot mold cavity, the mold is closed and vulcanized, the rubber gasket is formed in the press equipment, The fourth is the post- vulcanization, the vulcanized gasket is placed in an oven under static conditions to complete the vulcanization.The final is inspect the finished product ,It means that some finished products are tested according to process standards.

   The product evaporates in the gasketed channel while the steam heating mediun condenses in the welded channel .Vap350  can be used in evaporation systems and as a thermosiphon reboiler.It's widely use in biotech and  pharmaceutical,chemicals,energy and utilities,food and beverages,water and waste treatment.

   The main replacement  PHE gaskets for VAP500.Flow gasket consists of field gaskets+two small port ring gasket+Throttle gasket.The end plate gasket consists of :Ring gasket for large port ring condensate outlet+Two small port ring gasket+Large port ring gasket+Two support strip+Ring gasket for large port ring product outlet.

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